InnoMedica combines an experienced board of directors with the well-coordinated founding team as management, resulting in a powerful partnership with the requisite know-how to be able to successfully implement the upcoming projects.

InnoMedica’s goal is to foster an entrepreneurial spirit among its employees by involving the entire team as shareholders. Today the InnoMedica team consists of 51 employees - all with university degrees or many years of experience. InnoMedica’s strong technical focus is reflected in the 37 employees with degrees in biochemistry, chemistry, biomedicine or pharmacy. This high level of expertise in this core area is an important prerequisite for InnoMedica's success.

Expanding the valuable know-how of the employees and retaining it in the company has been a key element for the success of InnoMedica since the beginning. With the creation of 12 new positions in 2020, InnoMedica has taken early measures in view of the clinical trials planned for 2021, the submission of the application for the market approval of the cancer drug and the commissioning of the new Clean Room II in our Nanofactory.

In recruitment, InnoMedica places a strong focus on the intrinsic motivation and interests of candidates. Co-determination in personal development within the company is important at InnoMedica in order to fully develop the potential of the employees and enable internal promotion. Furthermore, entrepreneurial thinking is encouraged by enabling employees to also become shareholders. InnoMedica's employees can purchase shares themselves through employee-only share offerings from the pool shareholders. This promotes identification with the company and ensures that the employees have a direct stake in InnoMedica’s success.

With the co-founders Dr. Stéfan Halbherr, Andrea Zurkirchen, Dr. Jonas Zeller and Pascal Halbherr on the management board of InnoMedica Schweiz AG, the company has an experienced and well-coordinated team for the efficient management of the company. As Country Manager at InnoMedica Schweiz AG, Stéfan Halbherr is in charge of the operational business. Andrea Zurkirchen is responsible for Communication, HR and Legal & Compliance, while Dr. Jonas Zeller heads the Business Development division. Pascal Halbherr is Head of Manufacturing and is therefore responsible for the operational processes at the Nanofactory in Marly. Since January 2022, the management team has been expanded by Dr. Camille Peitsch, who is responsible for Research, Development and Commercialization. The newest member of the management board is Dr. Martin Stähle, who is in charge of the Finance and Administration division.

The Board of Directors of InnoMedica Holding AG, which was newly established five years ago under the leadership of Dr. Peter Halbherr as President, ensures quick decisions and direct reactions. Thanks to the biochemical background of Dr. Noboru Yamazaki, the medical knowledge of Dr. med. Denis Bron and the economic and entrepreneurial knowledge of Prof. Dr. Urs Wälchli, the board of directors can draw on know-how from various fields. The active involvement of the members of the board of directors in individual projects ensures close proximity to InnoMedica’s operational activities. This is of central importance considering the speed of the company and has enabled the company to move quickly to reach set goals.

Peter Halbherr

Dr. phil. et phil. Universities of Zürich and Paris

Chairman and Delegate of the Board, General Manager

Denis Bron

Dr. med., University of Basel

Member of the Board, Vice-Chairman

Urs Wälchli

Dr. rer. oec., University of Bern

Member of the Board

Noboru Yamazaki

Dr. rer. nat.

Member of the Board, Chief Technology Officer

Stéfan Halbherr

PhD, University of Bern

Head Research and Development, InnoMedica Holding
Country Manager, InnoMedica Schweiz

Jonas Zeller

Dr. rer. oec., University of Bern

Head Finance & Administration, InnoMedica Holding
Head Business Development, InnoMedica Schweiz

Andrea Zurkirchen

lic. phil., University of Zürich

Staff, Investor Relation & Legal, InnoMedica Holding
Head Management Services, InnoMedica Schweiz

Pascal Halbherr

MSc Biochemistry, University of Bern

Manufacturing, Project Leader, Management

Camille Peitsch

PhD, University of Bern

Head Research, Development & Commercialization, InnoMedica Schweiz

Martin Stähle

Dr. oec., University of Hohenheim

Head Finance & Administration, InnoMedica Schweiz

Stéphane Gumy

Chemist Degree, Fribourg

Qualified Person, InnoMedica Schweiz

Medical & Regulatory Affairs

Research & Development

Quality Control & Analytics

Quality Assurance

Production & Process Engineering

…and all the other contributors to our success



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