Capital increase 2021

Become a part of InnoMedica by participating in the capital increase with a public offering, until 31 May 2021. Do not miss out on this unique investment opportunity!

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May 10th, 2021 at 5pm
Panel Discussion
live from the NanoFactory

Dr. Peter Halbherr, Chairman
Dr. Stefan Halbherr, Head of Research & Development
Dr. Jonas Zeller, CFO

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Stephan Klapproth

Innovation in Service of Patients

InnoMedica is a Swiss pharmaceutical company specialized in drug development with innovative nano transport systems that improve patient therapy. With InnoMedica’s nanocarriers, pharmaceutical agents circulate in the bloodstream for longer and are released at the designated location in the body with precision. InnoMedica thereby addresses the challenge of an efficient biodistribution of active agents in the human body, simultaneously leading to improved efficacy and reduced side effects. First applications in oncology, neurology, and virology demonstrate the impressive versatility of this nanotechnology. Translation risks in InnoMedica’s drugs are unusually low because InnoMedica does not develop new active stubstances, but instead equips clinically established medicines with a biological autopilot. At InnoMedica, experienced entrepreneurs and researchers work together in order to bring these drugs to patients as expediently as possible.


Our Products

Delivery system with precise focus

The patent-protected drug-delivery system can be combined with a multitude of medical agents and fine-tuned according to specific requirements. This versatility enables its use in a multitude of applications.

The Talidox nanocarrier encapsulates the approved and established, highly effective active substance Doxorubicin thereby preventing severe and irreversible side effects of the chemotherapy. A substantive improvement of the benefit/side-effect profile.

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Therapy with Talineuren regenerates neural damages. First clinical trials with the drug are planned for patients with Parkinson’s Disease, ALS, or other neurodegenerative diseases. Furthermore, application for the treatment of neurological symptoms in Covid-19 patients is in preparation.

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InnoMedica’s fully biological Covid-19 vaccine uses the nanocarrier as its carrier substance and is structured as a protein-subunit vaccine. This promises immunisation at good tolerability.

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All pipeline products are based on InnoMedica’s medicinal nanocarrier transport system. They aim to improve the distribution of the active agents in the patient’s body. Established substances are encapsulated by the nanocarrier, equipped with a biological autopilot, and released at the desired tissue in the body.

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Our Focus

Efficient Therapies with Fewer Side-Effects

In developing its medicines, InnoMedica focusses on the patient and his/her wish for improved health and quality of life. This means prioritizing patient benefits, as well as the real-world applicability of new drugs. Improved patient benefits primarily depend on an increase in therapeutic efficacy and a decrease in side effects. In order to reduce time to approval, InnoMedica builds its medicines on approved, best-in-class active substances.


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