From idea to practice.

Apart from its own patent-protected technology platform, the Swiss pharmaceutical company InnoMedica is defined above all through the will of a team to develop from innovative research in the field of nanotransport systems and to bring them to patients. To achieve this goal, experienced entrepreneurs and managers work side by side with university graduates and young talents. Only the joint efforts of employees, investors, physicians and ultimately patients will make it possible to master the path to a prescription drug.

About InnoMedica

What started as a start-up with a founding team of five key people has evolved into a pharmaceutical company with its own certified Nanofactory and over 50 employees.


Experienced entrepreneurs and scientists work together to bring InnoMedica's innovative medicine to patients in the shortest possible timeframe.

Job & Career

A team of creative thinking innovators combined with expertise and patient proximity. Apply now and actively contribute to the company's future success.


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Most Recent Updates

May 2022

Parkinson trial and internationalization

NEON trial in Parkinson’s patients: Dose escalation completed – Amendment approved to continue treatment for patients …

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March 2022

Stéfan Halbherr and InnoMedica receive CLINAM Award

CLINAM Award 2022 for special achievements in nanomedicine for Stéfan Halbherr and InnoMedica The Scientific Committee of …

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March 2022

Update Neurology Application and Capital Increase 2022

First Parkinson’s patients in the NEON study treated  On December 14, 2021, the clinical trial (NEON …

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