InnoMedica’s Strong Core

With its own Nanofactory, InnoMedica has fully control over the development and production of one of the world's most efficient biological nanotransport systems. Known active ingredients are packaged in liposomal nanocarriers produced in-house and equipped with a biological autopilot. Thus, they autonomously find their target in the body via the bloodstream. InnoMedica's nanocarriers are the world's smallest and most durable in the body. Medical therapies are thus delivered gently and optimally to the target area. The protection of the company's proprietary know-how - especially the innovative manufacturing processes - is ensured by a complete value chain under one roof, from the development of the first prototypes to the final filled vial.


InnoMedica's main focus in drug development is on efficient drug logistics in the human body.


A key factor in InnoMedica's innovative strength is the direct link between development and pharmaceutical production.


Thanks to the multi-purpose design of InnoMedica's cleanrooms, they can be flexibly used for the production of different drugs in a modular way.


Statements on Our Work


Most Recent Updates

November 2021


In 2021, InnoMedica has made important progress both with Talidox in oncology and with Talineuren in …

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Mai 2021

Interview mit Prof. Dr. Smita Saxena zu Talineuren bei ALS

The application for the first clinical trial with Talineuren, InnoMedica’s drug in the field of neurology, …

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May 2021

Talineuren: Clinical trial application submitted

InnoMedica has reached an important milestone with the submission of the first Clinical Trial Application for …

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