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Founded in 2000, InnoMedica has developed from a private investment company with a focus on healthcare to an operational pharmaceutical company. InnoMedica has already successfully supported venture companies in previous projects.

Many years of experience in the life science sector and expertise in the capital market created the ideal conditions for the successful development of a diversified product pipeline. With the purchase of Yamazaki-DDS Co., Ltd. InnoMedica was able to secure not only important patents for liposomal transport technology through a share swap, but also Dr. Bring Noboru Yamazaki's many years of research experience to the company. Since the start of the Targeted Liposomal Doxorubicin project in 2013, InnoMedica's shareholder base has grown continuously and today, after ten successful financing rounds totaling CHF 65 million, comprises more than 1400 shareholders who enable InnoMedica's projects to be implemented.

The main shareholders of InnoMedica are the Halbherr, Yamazaki, Früh and Bron families. Combined in a shareholder pool, they control 36.7 percent of the company's shares. In order to provide employees an opportunity to become part of the shareholder base, this shareholder pool offers a buy-in program. A clear sign of appreciation for the progress and successes achieved: What began as a start-up in the basement laboratory has now developed into a pharmaceutical company with 51 employees and its own pharmaceutical production.


Electronic registered shares

InnoMedica's share capital is now divided into 14,339,550 registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 0.10 each. The share with the security number 55.897.390 (ISIN CH0558973902) is transferred to the buyer's bank account when a share is purchased. InnoMedica already has a wide range of shareholders invested into the company in recent years. An IPO of the company is a viable option to enable the share to be publicly traded - but preferably after the first product has entered the market or other initial income stream is secured. Initial preparations for listing on the stock exchange, such as the conversion of accounting to IFRS, are currently being reviewed and strategically implemented by the finance department.

With our annual capital increases, InnoMedica and a growing number of shareholders have advanced innovative projects in oncology, neurology and infectious diseases. Between capital increases, InnoMedica offers investors willing to buy shares a matching platform with willing sellers. However, depending on the progress of the research and development projects or due to ongoing capital increases, public trading is suspended in order to rule out insider trading.

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