Targeted Disease Treatments: InnoMedica’s Nanotechnology Can Make It Happen.

InnoMedica has already developed a diversified product pipeline based on its liposomal technology platform. All pipeline products build and improve on established active substances with known efficacy profiles, rather than requiring new molecules. Such an approach is interesting from both a medical point of view, as well as regarding entrepreneurial risks and returns. Therapeutic effects of known substances are improved substantially by combining them with the biologically fine-tuned nanocarrier. This approach promises the development of medicines with high chances of translational success, as well as large therapeutic advantages for patients.


This highly effective chemotherapy can convince even in late-stage cancers. Talidox substantially improves the benefit/side-effect profile without causing any serious side-effects. With the safety study already completed, InnoMedica plans to submit its application for market approval to Swissmedic before the end of 2021.


Fostering regeneration instead of merely preventing degeneration – InnoMedica’s novel and innovative therapeutic approach introduces a paradigm shift to neurology. It promises to revolutionize the therapeutic prognosis for patients with Parkinson’s Disease or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). This spring 2021, Talineuren has received an orphan drug designation by the FDA and the EMA for application in ALS.


By developing a vaccine against Covid-19, InnoMedica takes responsibility as a pharmaceutical company and reacts quickly to the volatile pandemic situation thanks to its flexibility, immunological competency, and own manufacturing facility. The biological protein-subunit vaccine promises both good immunisation and tolerance in combination with a rapidly scalable production process.

Product Pipeline

In addition to Talidox (oncology), Talineuren (neurology), and TaliCoVax19 (infectiology), InnoMedica is currently developing a second drug treatment against cancer, a medicine against arteriosclerosis, as well as a contrast agent for marking tumors for more precise surgical removal. Furthermore, InnoMedica is researching a medical solution for combatting resistant bacterial strains in a cooperation project with the University of Bern.


InnoMedica’s nano transport system is already in use in first products in oncology, neurology, and infectiology. This technology platform enables the optimization of various types of medicinal agents by improving their efficacy while reducing side effects. InnoMedica is actively examining cooperation with academic and industrial partners.

Pharmaceuticals efficiently targeted

InnoMedica’s nano transport system directly delivers pharmaceutical agents at the source of a disease by encapsulating them in a nanocarrier. InnoMedica’s Talidox delivers an established anti-cancer drug directly in the tumor. The liposomal design of Talineuren even enables bridging the blood-brain barrier for the delivery of a regenerative agent in neurological treatments.


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