The direct link between development and pharmaceutical production is a key factor in InnoMedica's innovative strength. Initially, setting up an in-house production facility involved a considerable risk due to higher investment costs and slower project progress. However, as is now becoming apparent, this strategy has clear advantages in the long term.

With the company's own nanofactory in Marly near Fribourg, findings from development can be tested promptly and flexibly in technologically optimized manufacturing processes, and knowledge gained in this process can in turn be fed back into development. InnoMedica has been able to position itself very well in international competition thanks to the knowledge gained in manufacturing as well as in pharmacy and nanobiochemistry, and therefore has a broad pipeline of new products and international patents in nanotechnology and its application. This allows InnoMedica to react quickly to new circumstances, such as a pandemic.



Platform Patents

Inventor: Dr. Denis Bron (InnoMedica)

  • Europe – EP 1 523 301 B1
  • International WIPO(PCT) – WO2004006891A2

Inventor: Dr. Noboru Yamazaki & Dr. Shuji Kojima (Yamazaki-DDS Co. Ltd.)

  • Europe – EP 1 447 081 B2 (Switzerland, Germany, France, Great Britain, Nederland)
  • United States – US 7 070 801
  • Japan – JP 3 882 034 / JP 3 924 606 / JP 4 500 930 / JP 4 590 519


Specific Product Patents

Inventor: Pascal Halbherr et al. (InnoMedica)

  • Europe – EP 3 753 549 A1
  • International WIPO(PCT) – WO20254633 A1

Inventor: Stefan Halbherr (InnoMedica)

  • Europe – EP 3 501 495 A1
  • International WIPO(PCT) – WO 2019 122 220 A1

Inventors: Stefan Halbherr, Diego von Werdt, Camille Peitsch (InnoMedica)

  • Publication pending in Europe (2020) and International (2021)

Other Topics


InnoMedica's main focus in drug development is on efficient drug logistics in the human body.


Thanks to the multi-purpose design of InnoMedica's cleanrooms, they can be flexibly used for the production of different drugs in a modular way.