InnoMedica was able to demonstrate the great potential of the nanotransport system with the development of first applications in the fields of oncology, neurology and infectiology.

In addition, national and international research collaborations are already underway and are to be expanded further. InnoMedica is interested in collaborating with research institutions that would like to investigate new applications of the nanotransport system in combination with already known or new active substances. Also conceivable are cooperations with other pharmaceutical companies that would like to apply their active ingredients in a more targeted way with the help of InnoMedica’s nanotransport system and optimise the benefit/side-effect profile. Its solid expertise in the field of nanomedicine as well as its production experience enable InnoMedica to respond to individual needs and to flexibly tailor solutions upon request.

Other Topics


InnoMedica's main focus in drug development is on efficient drug logistics in the human body.


Thanks to the multi-purpose design of InnoMedica's cleanrooms, they can be flexibly used for the production of different drugs in a modular way.