The good progress made in neurology and oncology enables the translation into the market to be accelerated and InnoMedica to be positioned internationally with further clinical studies.

In order to achieve these goals and lead InnoMedica to its initial breakeven point, there is a capital requirement of CHF 45.4 million for the next two years. Around CHF 19 million of these funds are for the expansion of production and quality assurance, and a further CHF 8 million are earmarked for setting up a marketing and sales structure as well as strengthening administration and preparing for an IPO in autumn 2023. The remaining CHF 18 million has been budgeted for clinical research with Talidox and Talineuren as well as the market approval of the two drugs.

The most important funding goals:

Talidox: CHF 12.1 million
Approval for the Swiss market, clinical studies for the treatment of early cancer stages and international approval.

Talineuren: CHF 6.3 million
Clinical studies on Parkinson's, ALS and SARS-CoV-2 and approval for the Swiss market

Production: CHF 19.3 million
Investment for the scaling of the production to 72-liter batches, scaling for an automatic filling as well as for the scaling-related expansion of the areas of quality assurance and quality control & analysis, manufacturing of the drugs for the clinical studies and the market

Sales and administration: CHF 7.7 million
Expansion of medical marketing, expansion of finances, IT and administration, introduction of IFRS, preparation for the IPO of InnoMedica

In view of this capital requirement, the Board of Directors of InnoMedica has decided to carry out a public capital increase with publication in the Swiss Commercial Gazette on April 15, 2021 and a subscription period until May 31, 2021. While maintaining the subscription rights of the existing shareholders, a maximum of 1.34 million new registered shares are to be placed at a price of CHF 33.90 per share. This year's offer is particularly attractive due to the inclusion of included stock options for the acquisition of additional shares at a price of CHF 8.48 per share. The option sellers are shareholders who have been invested for more than 15 years. None of the option sellers have an employment relationship or any other business relationship with InnoMedica. By foregoing a significant portion of the return by setting this preferential price, this group of existing shareholders would like to shape its replacement from the shareholders for the benefit of the company by making the offer only as part of the public capital increase in combination with the purchase of new shares.

Information about the public offer

Capital increase volume CHF 45.4 million
Capital increase offer Increase by 1,338,230 fully paid-in newly issued registered shares (nominal value CHF 0.10)
Issue price CHF 33.90 per share
Free options to purchase additional shares Each new share incluedes 1.5 free options to purchase additional shares from an existing group of shareholders at a share price of CHF 8.48 each.
Denomination Minimum 300 new shares at a price of CHF 33.90 each (CHF 10'170). This subscription allows a purchase of 450 additional shares at a share price of CHF 8.48 each (CHF 3'816).
Subscription deadline Until Monday, Mai 31, 2021
Deposit Until Monday, Mai 31, 2021

For the subscription of new shares
in the escrow account at UBS Switzerland AG
Belonging to: InnoMedica Holding AG, Kapitalerhöhung
IBAN: CH54 0027 3273 1789 39D7 U

For the purchase of additional shares and any subscription rights
in the transaction account at UBS Switzerland AG
Belonging to: InnoMedica Holding AG
IBAN: CH21 0023 5235 5668 5202 F

Allocation According to subscription rights. The allocation of unexercised subscription rights will be effected by the Board of InnoMedica Holding AG. In case of oversubscription, InnoMedica offers a voluntary trading of subscription rights.
Contact Mrs. Andrea Zurkirchen, phone: +41 (0)44 383 88 22, e-mail:
Publication Published in Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce
Prospectus approved by SIX Exchange Regulation AG on April 14, 2021
Investor events Due to the pandemic situation, investor events will be held online.


Please find below the relevant investor documents (incl. subscription form). For information on InnoMedica and the projects Talidox (oncology), Talineuren (neurology) and TaliCoVax19 (vaccination), please refer to the document Business Information 2021.

Shareholders who would like to assign their subscription rights as part of the 2021 capital increase may download the template "Assignment agreement for subscription rights".

Use our online assistant for share subscription.

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