NEON trial in Parkinson's patients:
Dose escalation completed - Amendment approved to continue treatment for patients participating in dose escalation   

The first part of the NEON trial was successfully completed with the determination of the dose. The administered dose in all three Parkinson’s patients was increased in a weekly rhythm up to the maximal intended dose. In the now following consolidation part, nine additional patients will be enrolled in the trial and treated at the established therapy dose for eight weeks.

Despite the completion of the originally planned participation in the trial phase, the first Parkinson's patients included in the dose-finding part will be allowed to continue their treatment thanks to an amendment approved by Swissmedic. They will now carry on with the therapy and will be included in the consolidation part of the NEON trial.


Foundation of InnoMedica Germany - InnoMedica sets groundwork for entering the European market. 

InnoMedica takes an important step towards internationalization with the founding of InnoMedica Germany. Dr. Stéfan Halbherr and Dr. Jonas Zeller signed the corresponding contracts last week in Freiburg im Breisgau and now form the management of the newly founded InnoMedica Germany. With the founding of this subsidiary, InnoMedica is taking a first step into the European market and towards the international distribution. The next goal is to expand the clinical trials to German trial centers. This will enable the physicians involved to familiarize themselves with the products and their efficacy-side effect profile. InnoMedica is also currently examining the establishment of a subsidiary in USA and the cooperation with a suitable partner in order to set foot in this extremely interesting pharmaceutical market.