In 2021, InnoMedica has made important progress both with Talidox in oncology and with Talineuren in neurology thanks to the successful capital increase of CHF 15 million.

The submission of the marketing authorization dossier brings Talidox a big step closer to the market. In addition, the clinical trial with Talidox was further expanded and planning of the next phase of the study has advanced significantly. Furthermore, the submission of the clinical trial application dossier for the use of Talineuren in Parkinson‘s disease and the approval of the NEON trial by Swissmedic mark important milestones in the Talineuren project. Finally, InnoMedica passed both the routine inspection at the Nanofactory in Marly and the inspection of the new modular clean room II this fall, an important prerequisite for being able to manage the expected large production volumes for the oncology and neurology markets. The progress enables the planning of further financing up to break-even. Read the detailed version of InnoMedica's update with milestones from the second half of the year 2021 here.