InnoMedica is close to submission of the marketing authorization application for Talidox and plans to conduct a capital increase with a public offering by the end of May 2021 to fund further milestones.

Application for marketing authorization of Talidox

Based on the good results of the Phase l clinical trial with Talidox, InnoMedica has decided to submit the dossier for marketing authorization to Swissmedic by the end of spring 2021. The results from this clinical study, which was conducted in collaboration with the Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK), show good tolerability in clinical use. In addition to being highly effective in some patients, Talidox caused significantly fewer serious side effects, all of which were controllable and reversible. Thus, Talidox has the potential to establish itself as a new standard in chemotherapy and to offer cancer patients a gentler therapy with yet good efficacy. With the completion of the Phase I study, InnoMedica has reached an important milestone. For further clinical development and obtaining first-line authorization, further clinical trials with Talidox are already being planned and will be conducted internationally.

Annual Report 2020 and capital increase in spring 2021

In addition to the financial figures, the annual report also provides you with an overview of the progress achieved in the past year and a brief outlook on the next milestones. With liquid assets of CHF 16 million and operating expenses of CHF 7.5 million in the past year, InnoMedica is well financed and financially securely managed for the time being. As in previous years, InnoMedica plans to conduct a capital increase during the months of April and May 2021 to finance growth projects until breakeven. Prior to this, InnoMedica is in direct contact with investors who intend to make a major investment. This preliminary round will run until March 31, 2021. Interested parties who wish to be included in this round are kindly asked to contact Dr. Jonas Zeller, Chief Financial Officer, directly ( After completion of the preliminary round, a public offer will follow, which will be addressed to the existing shareholders as well as to new interested parties.

InnoMedica’s Corona Vaccine TaliCoVax19

One year after the first Corona case was reported in Switzerland, the Swiss public media company SRG broadcasts a documentary on the subject: „Pandemic – Following the traces of Covid-19“. Last year, a Swiss television team visited InnoMedica in Marly and filmed footage on site and interviewed Dr. Stéfan Halbherr about the vaccination project. The report is available at