The corona pandemic is a major challenge for everyone. In this context, InnoMedica plans to contribute its expertise to the development of an urgently needed vaccine. 

InnoMedica has good contacts with the Institute for Virology and Immunology IVI in Mittelhäusern, BE (Switzerland), and is familiar with the genetic engineering of the latest generation of vaccines. Purified proteins of the virus surface could efficiently be incorporated into InnoMedica’s liposomes with the existing manufacturing processes. In the manufacturing unit in Marly, InnoMedica could thus be able to produce vaccine for up to 150,000 syringes per day.

Based on these considerations, InnoMedica has already started a corresponding project and plans to produce the first prototypes in April. InnoMedica could make an important contribution to contain the pandemic as an innovator with the vaccine project. The Swiss production and the possibility to increase production thanks to the completed scale-up in the new clean room will prove particularly valuable.

The existing projects in oncology and neurology will continue in parallel. InnoMedica is currently financing the development costs of the vaccine project from its own funds. Taking all these developments into account, it is planned to resume the capital increase that had been postponed due to the situation caused by the Corona virus, and to carry it out in a timely manner.