In 2014, InnoMedica will collaborate with specialists of SAKK, the Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research, in order to commence with the clinical  phase I and II trails of  TLD-1 (targeted liposomal doxorubicin).


The SAKK is a committed non-profit organization for clinical cancer research, and aims to explore new cancer therapies, improving existing treatments and to improve the prognosis of cancer patients. This is done through cooperation within Switzerland and in cooperation with foreign centers and study groups. The regular members of SAKK, the main clinical oncology centers at the cantonal and regional hospitals and university hospitals are organized together into an association. Since 1965, SAKK has been an independent Institution for multicenter clinical trials of Phases I, II and III through the major Swiss hospitals. Due to their network and experience are a strong partner, who can assist InnoMedica in carrying out the clinical trials.

An application of our technology for atherosclerosis is currently being researched at the John A. Burns School of Medicine (Hawaii) in mouse studies.


Other national and international research collaborations for the investigation of other possible applications are currently in development.