Pharmaceuticals Efficiently Targeted

With Talidox® InnoMedica introduces a new drug delivery system in oncology

Drugs must reach their site of action in the body - and only their site of action
This has already been recognized by Paul Ehrlich (1854-1915), the founder of modern chemotherapy. InnoMedica's ultimate goal is this site-specific use of medical substances in the human body. With Talidox, InnoMedica developed a cancer drug, which implements this principle effectively.

Chemotherapy today is still the most common form of medication for the treatment of cancer patients. Due to the life-threatening nature of the disease, doctors often use the highest possible dose. This leads to severe side effects that are often hard to bear for the patient. Using the innovative technology of liposomal targeting, InnoMedica improves the current systemic application practice and thus reaches a higher drug concentration in the tumor tissue, which enhances the therapeutic effect and at the same time significantly reduces the side effects.
This targeting approach can be used as a platform technology for other applications: inflammatory diseases or diseases with inflammation symptoms can be treated in a targeted way using InnoMedica’s approach (eg encephalitis, retinochoroiditis, arthritis, rheumatism, atherosclerosis, etc.). InnoMedica has several national and international research collaborations for the development of these applications.